In an age of digital transformation and the Cloud, the effectiveness of your business is reliant upon on dependable, robust and stable digital connectivity. Having an unmanaged and non-redundant connectivity solution is therefore a recipe for downtime and loss of productivity.

We can design, implement and maintain a robust and completely dependable connectivity solution designed to bring substantial benefits and advantages to your business. A common and affordable solution might include a business-grade fibre link as the main connectivity conduit and one or more alternatives such as Microwave and 5G for backup.

Features include failovers in the event of an outage which will switch-in seamlessly and intelligently in the background, as well as guaranteed uptime, quality of service, upgrade paths, a host of configuration options and detailed reporting.

Open Access has you covered through top level access to every single major network provider in South Africa: from dedicated business-grade fibre, through to broadband, microwave or LTE/5G mobile solutions. All of these are available with premium Service Level Agreements, guarantees and industry-leading response times in the unlikely event of problems. And because Open Access is one of the largest network aggregators in the country we can leverage our buying power to negotiate better deals for you.

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