Moving core parts of your business to the cloud can seem like a daunting and stressful task. Let us, at Open Access, help you transition to the Cloud with less stress.

We deliver Enterprise Grade E-mail and Cloud Services to businesses of all sizes throughout Africa. Capitalising upon our highly specialised experience and expertise, high availability, use of the best service providers and integration with world class, value added partners, we are able to provide our customers with 99.999% Uptime.


Office 365

Open Access makes moving to Office 365 simple and painless. With our dedicated team of experts moving to the Cloud can be as easy as 1-2-3. We offer migration tools, along with hands-on support, to make your move from…

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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Direct Routing allows you to use Microsoft Teams to make inbound and outbound calls on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), just like on a traditional PBX phone system.

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With Mimecast business continuity, you can keep your inbound and outbound emails flowing whenever there is planned or unplanned disruption – whether it’s a data migration or a successful cyberattack…

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Email Security

We offer pathways to transform email security using the most comprehensive cloud-based solution on the market. Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection uses multiple…

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Managed Services

IT systems have evolved, and continue to evolve, to such an extent that it’s no longer a sensible option to simply ‘install and forget’. As a Technical Service Provider, Open Access understands the dynamic and fluid nature of the IT function within business. Depending upon what you want and need, we can manage some, or all, of your IT systems in a way which suits your business and your budget. Open Access can take care of every aspect of your IT – from your desktops right through to effective implementation of the Cloud.

Because we offer total flexibility at Open Access, you can choose how we partner with you. We can act as a fully outsourced IT department, an extension of your existing IT department, or provide permanent or project-based technical teams.

By integrating best-in-class solutions, backed up with world-class, professional support, Open Access can enhance your organisation’s IT. We can ensure that it is one of the most valuable, effective and resilient parts of your business.


IT Service Management

Open Access’ IT Service Management (ITSM) makes use of state of the art technology, driven by best practices and IT governance frameworks to deliver IT management, IT functionality and all required…

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Outsourced IT

Open Access Outsourced IT service is effectively your very own IT department but featuring all the benefits of outsourcing: flexibility, scalability, access to the most effective resources and knowledge base…

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IT Procurement and Subscription Services

Open Access sources hardware, software and 3rd party services according to the agreed levels, categories and policies we establish with you at the start of the contract. On a regular basis, we keep you informed…

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Infrastructure Management Services

Our team of highly skilled staff, supported with enterprise tools and processes, support, manage, maintain and report on your IT infrastructure. Irrespective of whether this is on-premise, in the cloud, or both, our team will continuously monitor all events, performance statistics, threshold breaches, and outages.

Effective disaster recovery should be the objective for every business. Having a plan, and quickly implementing this, is essential for business continuity and achieving significantly savings in terms of lost revenue for every hour lost to downtime.

Backups – and especially recovery – are integral to minimising the time to be up and running again. Open Access offers an industry-leading backup and recovery solution as a managed service.
Open Access will tailor a solution to meet your objectives and requirements, packaging the licensing and management as a monthly service, reducing large upfront costs and providing peace of mind that backups are monitored and managed by a team of experts.


Network Management

Open Access provides end-to-end connectivity solutions. Our networking team designs, installs, operates and manages high-performance, secure networks for our customers. These are all designed and…

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In an age of digital transformation and the Cloud, the effectiveness of your business is reliant upon on dependable, robust and stable digital connectivity. Having an unmanaged and non-redundant connectivity…

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Voice Services

Your business can enjoy enterprise-grade voice calls and make substantial savings through Open Access Voice Solutions. Voice solutions have been around for a long time and are now considered the only way telephony…

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Professional Services

Successful enterprises are constantly looking to reinvent, develop and transform. Achieving this growth requires a commitment to improving business capabilities along with robust, scalable and business-aligned IT models that deliver long-term competitiveness, easy adaptability and sustainable profitability.

We understand the revolutionary impact technology has on modern businesses, and, applying our depth of experience and expertise to your needs, we can reduce your IT risk and help you achieve rapid time-to-value technologies and services as part of our Technology Solution Provider ethos.

As part of our mission to ‘visualise what’s possible, and then make it happen for all of our clients, we play an integral part to your Technology evolution across the entire process, from inception to roll out, to ensure that we deliver beyond your expectations.

In order to gain a competitive advantage in rapidly changing markets, you require a sustainable IT architecture and procurement strategy to bridge the gap between business requirements and technology solutions. We ensure that we can blend our IT technology selection processes, procurement and project management and IT strategy consulting skill sets to work hand-in-hand and address the dynamic market conditions that you operate in.


Project Management

Our dedicated Consulting, Procurement and Project Teams are able to effectively scope and plan industry-leading technology solutions according to best-practice design, specifically aligned to meet the needs of your business…

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Strategic IT Services

A core skill set is to manage the integrity of your IT technology and services function within your organization. We take a Strategic IT service holistic approach that reaches across you organization’s technology solutions…

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Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) is simply the digital cellular technology used for transmitting voice and data services. Our Open Access Mobility division provides corporate cellular contracts, APN’s…

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